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Goal Setting for a Successful Life

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In the Spring of 2017, I was hard charging toward some BIG goals. Unfortunately, I found myself running hard and getting nowhere fast. What was my problem? Why couldn’t I “just do it”? There were many reasons: I really didn’t know where I was going and even if I knew, I didn’t have time to do the work it would require.


So I dove in deep to the world of Goal Setting and Productivity. I listened to POD Casts, I read articles and books and I set out to become a subject matter expert so I could finally “just do it.” And then I did and I also shared what I learned in a recorded call that was subsequently listened to Live and then on repeat by thousands of go-getters just like you.


With the New Year, I decided to revisit that call and those strategies so I can make my 2019 the best year in terms of setting goals and smashing them in the most efficient ways possible aka in the pukas (Hawaiian term for “holes”) of my life! Today I want to share that call with you so that you can get to smashing your goals too.

I also wanted two short “assignments” to get you started, one for if you have never really thought about your personal goals and another for if you have already identified your goals but can’t seem to get started! Watch now.