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Fashion over 40 . . . doesn’t have to be dull

over 40 style and fashion

In my twenties, I used to ask myself, could a 70-something year-old women wear this? If the answer was yes, I would try not to wear it.  I have always been a drawn to classic, sophisticated clothing – some might even say a “more mature” look.   But, I also wanted to be age-appropriate, a little boho, edgy, preppy and occasionally even trendy!  My style was well, all over the map.  Back then, I wasn’t confident to rock my own style so even if I loved the St John blazer, I could neither afford it nor pull off  the look, plagued with self doubt as I was.  I resigned to buying and wearing what was easily purchased at mass retailers and inevitably, soon to be thrown away due to poor quality or quickly changing trends.

But now, now it is a whole different story.  At 46 years, I have found a way to think for myself outloud with style.  This self assuredness allows me to go beyond the trend and actually present myself creatively with joy and fun! And although St John clothing has yet to find its way in my closet, being both cost prohibitive and perhaps a bit “too mature,” in reality I could  rock it without pause on both counts!

Lovely HUNTER BOOTS.  I had longed for years to wear boots like these.   I debated hard over the High Gloss versus the Original and went with the High Gloss for easier care.  Similar can be purchased at Nordstrom.


Love these high rise, super skinny Levi 721 jeans. They are as flattering as they are comfortable.  I couldn’t be happier that low-rise are out of style. Similar can be purchased at Nordstrom.

Here I am sporting a J.Crew wool sweater and a classic wool scarf purchased in Germany! My hope these days is to share my style, inspire you to define your own and chat a little bit about the benefits of spending more on classic pieces that will serve you over time and reduce the impact of throw-away fashion.