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Grey Hair, it’s so good

Going grey doesn't have to be bad. Silver hair shines beautifully. Be inspired and love your natural hair too

I first tried the year my daughter turned one, that is tried to go without coloring my hair and embrace my age.  I wasn’t quite ready. I got about 6 months in and decided I needed a “boost.” I wanted to look a little brighter and more vibrant.  So I highlighted, then lowlighted and highlighted again. Seven years later, I was spending too much time in a salon chair for my liking.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and of course with highlighting and lowlighting the look is never “exactly” the same, leaving me always a bit disappointed.  My colored hair never looked “right” to me.

Author and Mom with the beginning stages if grey hair growth and highlighted hair ends holding an infant about one year old
When my daughter was one-year, I had grown out my highlights and was showing the start of silvery strands in my part.

I have been told by enough stylists and friends to believe it, that I have “great hair” not too thick, no too thin and just right “wave.” But my color since childhood has been “dirty blond” naturally darker at the roots and lightening easily in the sun.   I never embraced it.  Now, at the age of 47 years old I am ready to embrace my “natural” hair with its now natural cool tones and slightly wild waves.

Since doing so, I found a wonderful group of women who are taking the same journey and notably for so many different reasons. Some women have mentioned a desire to reduce exposure to chemicals.   This really, had never been an issue I considered but it certainly makes sense as I have switched to more natural soaps, household cleaners and products.   The actual evidence I will post later once I research it.  Others “go grey” as a statement against societies celebration of youth while marginalizing older age. Well, go get ‘em if that is your reason: I feel more powerful and influential now as a 40-something than I ever did as a twenty-something and it is absolutely time for people to be valued for their being not their age.   Still others have mentioned cost savings, preserving condition of their hair and most recently wanting to be “naturally on-trend” with the hair color of the year . . . yes, silver has been declared hair-color of the year for 2019!!

But for me, it is all about where and how I want to spend my time.   I am passionate about saying YES to the things that truly bring me joy; while looking my very best is important to me sitting in the chair getting my hair colored is NOT included on that list.  This notion is in no way directed to all the lovely and talented people who have poured their artistry over this mane.  I have so many other things I would rather be doing and I no longer feel the need for it.   I believe my “boost” to look brighter and more vibrant comes from inside. Hydration, nutrition, exercise and self –love radiate from my eyes and my complexion (great skin care helps a ton too).    I have gone beyond acceptance of my age and I am in a place where I want to celebrate it, rejoice in it and help others feel fantastically vibrant too. 

I would much rather be enjoying my time with family and friends

These are my top three tips for starting your transition too:

1. Find a support group

I don’t exactly remember how I found the Silver Circle but I asked to join this closed Facebook Group and have been forever thankful.  In addition to feeling inspired by other women (and some men) on their own journey to dye-free hair there is also an abundance of tips, tricks and advice from shampoos to do-it-yourself strategies.  I love it!  There are many others: Going Grey Gracefully, Silver on Purpose and Going Grey to name a few.

Of course in person supports help too so make sure your friends, spouse and kids know what your doing and why . . . so they can encourage you too.

2. Talk to your stylist

I spoke with my stylist who did not get it or just didn’t agree and instead ended up doing some color which set me back about 3 months.  So if your stylist isn’t on board then find a new one.  Talk with them about what is best for you.  Some people will remove color to decrease the demarcation line, lighten their hair and color it grey to match the roots (NOT for most due to cost, time and subsequent damage to hair) or adding highlights to minimize and break-up the line.  I did the latter also known as grey hair ombre, which has eased my transition tremendously.

3. Increase your self-care 

Hair like skin depends on proper hydration and nutrition to look its very best.  So amp up your self-care.  Drink at least as many ounces of water as half if not more of your body weight  (lbs.) in water for ex if you weigh 140 lbs., you should drink at least 70 oz. of water a day and that is a minimum!!  Make sure you get enough; I cannot emphasize this enough.  Also pay attention to your nutrition.  More on this in a future post but at minimum focus on getting enough Vitamin B7, D, Magnesium and Calcium.  How?  Yogurt, spinach, eggs, almonds and quinoa are ALL a good place to start!