Everyone deserves to feel radiant and joyful.   A few years ago, I was  in my 40’s , a Mom to two, and a  doctor in the Army.  I was burned out and felt busy but bored.   I needed a change and  was about to get it.   A move to Germany with the Army! Fun, right?  Nope.   We took all the usual tours; church, museum, church etc headphones tours droning on about this or that.  Ugh!

Everything changed when I discovered hands-on, experiences.  Stuff  we could actually DO!  In Cinque Terra, Italy we made Pesto with a  local family, in Iceland we visited a Ranch and groomed  Icelandic horses (the furriest horses ever by the way) and in Greece we made olive oil.   I loved it!!  I felt alive and excited to travel. I wanted to and keep the learning and growing going in my day to day.  So I did! I started a skin care biz, got yoga certified, learned to knit, make jewelry and  lots more.  I was  connected, excited  and growing not just in my free time but at work too.  It was a new kind of self care (not knockin’ mani-pedi’s here, they have a place) but this was self-care from the inside out.  I became “radiant,”  growing and learning about so many things!!  You can find that spark, joy, fun too and I am here to help!

Welcome to Growing Radiant!

You wake each morning and feeling loved, generally satisfied and happy.  But are you joyful? Do you feel radiant?   Do you laugh with delight, beem with confidence and  literally glow?   I didn’t.  But, I found that pursuing radiance can mean so MANY things!   Like, skin care rituals, new and novel yoga or even simply celebrating our #besties and bring JOY and happiness.

Here you will find ALL my passions that grow radiance and joy in one place:

grow. greeting cards for fit friends

A single  3am, hotflash inspired sketch that led me to COVID-create a line of greeting cards just for YOU and your Yogi friends, Barre Babes and Cross Fit Crew.  Now you can say Happy Birthday or You can Do it  in the language only you and your Fit Friends will “get”.

*Greeting Cards will be  available wholesale SOON and I will list stockists here.


Radiant Farm Experiences for Growth

A lifelong love of animals and all things “granola” have led me back to my roots. So I am offering YOU unique, Bainbridge Island Experiences at Radiant Farms. Think, Yoga and Beekeeping, Goat Yoga,  Bunny Yoga, and Alpaca Walks for the family.  Group or Private experiences designed just for you  on our farm to reignite the curiosity, laughter and joy that can get buried in the everyday grind. Come grow radiant with me!

*experiences will be offered starting 2021 so check back often

Self Care for Growing Radiant

As a physician, I will continue offering tidbits on helping you live your best, most joyful and radiant life through promoting confidence inspiring skin care, tips on managing stress and burnout as well as ways to feel your best through my blog and Rodan And Fields Skincare at


Whew, I truly am a multi-passionate, life long learner who is striving in my own life to Grow Radiant and share that light with you in whatever way allows you to capture your own joy!

With love and aloha,